Q. How is it possible for these treatments to resolve pain and injuries so much faster than other healthcare practitioners I have seen in the past?

Feb11th 2020

A. After injury, most people visit an orthopedic specialist or general practitioner. If the injury is not in need of surgery, the common plan of care involves medications as needed for pain, inflammation, or spasm; in addition, a referral to Physical Therapy. Though there is certainly a place for these medications, it is important to know that they are treating the symptoms and secondary results of the injury, Not the cause of the symptoms and inflammation. In traditional Physical Therapy, there is a large emphasis on modalities (ultrasound, electrical stimulation, heat/cold packs, etc) and exercises to help ‘set the stage’ for the body to heal the injured tissues, resolve excessive inflammation, and regain strength and range of motion. The focus is now more on the causes of pain and dysfunction, but still relies heavily on the body’s lengthy process of the healing itself. Something many do not know is that a primary cause of a person’s pain/dysfunction is actually the changes/distortions of the body’s connective tissues (called “Fascia”). With very specific, and fairly rare, hands-on manual therapy techniques, these Fascial distortions can be immediately moved back to a more normal position/arrangement. When this happens, the pain, weakness, and limited movement associated with an injury is also immediately improved. Pain from tendinitis and ligament sprains can usually be made at least 50% better, and sometimes 100%, in the first treatment.