Toni S.

Feb11th 2020

Dr Derek Kim .. where do I start? He is so amazing and knowledgeable. I had rotator cuff surgery in June 2018 and was diagnosed with frozen shoulder going into my third month post surgery after attending a physical therapy office where ppl didn’t have A Clue what they were doing and pretending that they get cases like mine ” all the time”. Dr.Kim without him knowing proved to me in a short period of time that I can trust him. when I attended his office for a consultation I left out of there more knowledgeable of my condition and I was also given New and challenging exercises that I can do at home. Upon walking out of his office I knew in my heart that this would be my new home for physical therapy and I made the switch instantly! Everyday I am happy that I made this decision. Dr. Kim is a prime example of someone who has skill and has perfected his craft we need more Doctors like him. Anyone who is reading this review I encourage you to give this office a try you will not regret it. THANKS DR.KIM!!